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Geochronology and Isotope Geochemistry

Research interests have most recently focused on ~3 billion year old metamorphosed sandstones from the Southern Cross Domain within the Yilgarn Craton, Western Australia, with an emphasis on their provenance and abundant Hadean (>3.8 billion year old) detrital zircons. I enjoy torturing zircons, rutiles, tourmalines and other minerals via lasers and high temperature furnaces, ion beams, and laser ablation.

More information about this, and some recent publications are listed on the research page.

Systems Administration & Network Security

Founded Zoidial Incorporated (as a web and server hosting business) in 1998, incorporated in 2000, and continue to manage all the associated computer infrastructure.  For a brief synopsis see

I’m into Linux and FreeBSD administration (running Linux exclusively), networking and security. Recent (depending on your definition) projects have included everything in my projects folder, as well as firewalls for multiple OS’s, some FreeBSD administration scripts (some of these are slightly incredibly old)

Projects & random tidbits (classy default apache listing)
A not-very-orderly directory of projects I have worked on or am working on (who am I kidding? last modified 2009!)… Some day I’m going to create webpages per-project and perhaps even sort things and update things (read: delete it all). Some of the stuff here was incredibly useful (at least to me) and may be useful to other people as well if you’re a time traveller and end up in the past, but it’s hard to sift through, so, like fine wine, I’m letting it age a little bit decade or two.

April 20th, 2002