GPS data conversion

Handy gpsbabel conversions:

Google KML to GPX:

To translate waypoints into tracks, in order to use in GPS Photo Correlate (gpscorrelate):

gpsbabel -w -s -N -i kml -f “google-waypoints.kml” -x transform,trk=wpt  -o gpx -F “waypoints.gpx”

If a number of waypoint files (NMEA, GPX, etc.) were originally concatenated, the resulting .kml may not be in chronological order anymore, and will need to be sorted by timestamps:

gpsbabel -w -s -N -i kml -f “google-waypoints.kml” -x sort,time  -o gpx -F “waypoints-sorted.gpx”

Then if the file is still needed to be transformed from waypoints to tracks:

gpsbabel -w -s -N -i gpx -f “waypoints-sorted.gpx” -x transform,trk=wpt  -o gpx -F “waypoints-translated-to-tracks.gpx”

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